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Dec 3, 2007

Marc Guggenheim Resurrection Interview Part One

Emerging from a, double parked, Delorian Senior Time Travel Correspondent Kat Bittner delivered the transcript of a future interview she'd done/will do with Senior Alien Invasion Recovery Correspondent Marc Guggenheim on his post-apocalyptic docudrama Resurrection.

BPD: Tell us about Resurrection.

MG: I love science fiction and alien invasion movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still, Independence Day, and War of the Worlds. After the movie ended my mind would always go, “What now?” The stories that I tell come out of questions. We now know we’re not alone in the universe, and depending upon how the movie ends, the world is in various states of disarray. Sort of like how Independence Day ends and everyone is happy, but the earth’s been turned into the bottom of a shake and bake bag.

BPD: Who are the people that you cover?

MG: It’s a pretty wide-ranging ensemble. What I’ve been calling the keyhole characters - the characters through which we see the majority of the plot initially - are two travelers, Sarah and Ben. The series picks up literally the day after we throw back the alien invasion. We follow the story through their eyes, but there are several other characters. There’s Eugene McQuery who’s plagued by problems of conscience. There’s someone named Spock, who I don’t want to say too much beyond that name; it’s not Star Trek, but certainly in that direction.

BPD: What’s the wildest recovery story you’ve heard or been a part of?

MG: It’s been really difficult to get Britney Spears out of L.A. I’m telling you.

BPD: Do you think that children should stay away from left over alien technology?

MG: I do, but it’s been really hard to implement that recall of the lead paint.

BPD: What happens when humans get their hands on hip alien technology?

MG: You end up with the iPhone.

BPD: Should we expect another invasion in another couple of years? Are these things cyclical? Should we expect a rest period?

MG: In general what we found that while we have a Republican in the White House. They’re not that interested. They’re like, “Wow! This guy could do a lot more damage than we ever could.”

BPD: Are there things that people can do now to prepare for the next alien invasion. Should we get alien medical kits?

MG: Garbage bags and duct tape. That’s what it’s all about for preparation for anything catastrophic. Works really well in the case of nuclear attack I’m told.

BPD: Will the government be printing brochures?

MG: You can find it all on our website.

BPD: What’s the format for Resurrection?

MG: It’s gonna be monthly, 22 pages. Probably anywhere from 9-10 issues per year. We’ll collect things in the inevitable trade paperback.

So check out Resurrection released by Oni and tune back in on Wednesday when Kat divulges Marc’s other war stories from his run ins with The Flash, Blade and the Punisher.

Much thanks to Marc and Amy for the interview.


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