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Nov 5, 2007

We're Baacck!

We're back, black and in control. Alright, not all of us are black—only about 40% but that's highly competitive in today's market—we are back and definitely in control. Starting now BPD will be overhaulin' for a much more enjoyable read. Big thing, we'll only be posting on Mondays.

Today we're introducing BPD Express our weekly, news bites column. What's so great about it? Well, it's much faster to the punchline. It's also more skim friendly which we hear is import for a blog. The best part about BPD Express is that you can vote on items you'd like to see expanded through your comments.

Want to Ask the Question? Email him at and put ASK Q in the subject line. Be on the look out for bi-monthly editions!

Miss your comics love? Truth, Justice and Sweet, Sweet Love will back to hit your sweet spot in coming weeks. Email your heart's torments to and put SWEET, SWEET LOVE in the subject line.

Yes, we'll keep the Interviews coming and they're still 100% straight from your favorite creators. There'll also be more original pieces by the creators. Remember that great Omega-Level Mutation Quiz from Mike Carey? Yep, there'll be more of the same.

Think you'd be a great meta-journalist? The second round of the BPD Guest Shot! Contest is your chance to prove it.

And there's more...later...

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