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Sep 24, 2007

Comedy Central Roast of the Joker Delivers Laughs, Casualties

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By Daniel Palacio,
BPD Media Critic and Grouchy Old Man

Tonight, Comedy Central will premiere its roast of The Joker, taped last week in Gotham City. The festivities were hosted by pop culture icon Mark Hamill, who opened the show by pondering why they were honoring "a man who killed more people than Phil Spector". Celebrity roasters included Adam West, Harley Quinn, and Batman, as well as the ubiquitous Jeffrey Ross and Carrot Top.

Like all of the other Comedy Central roasts, most of the comedians took pot shots at one another and handled the guest of honor with kid gloves. Some notable exceptions:

" Seriously, though, he's a (bleep)ing psycho! The only people we know for sure he hasn't killed are Abraham Lincoln and Nicole Brown!" -Jeffrey Ross

"[He's got] a rap sheet a mile long: homicide, grand larceny, kidnapping Brad and Janet..." -Patton Oswalt

"I've watched that lunatic fall off the face of the Earth only to come back stronger than ever a few months later. Just like herpes. Isn't that right, Lisa [Lampanelli]?" -Batman

Still, the Clown Prince of Crime gave as good as he got: "It was nice of my friend the Penguin to join me tonight. Oh wait, that's just Patton Oswalt."

"Bats and I have known each other for a long time, well before he joined the Village People. You look much better without the mustache, by the way."

"I know people give Carrot Top a hard time, but I respect him. After all, he's the only person I know who knows more about bombing than I do."

The mood got a little tense after that last line, when the Joker said he had a prop of his own for Carrot Top, and electrocuted him with his joy buzzer, killing him instantly. The crowd sat in stunned silence for a moment, then erupted in deafening applause. Even Batman gave him a standing ovation, saying to him "That was your one freebie..."

To see what happened next, tune in tonight at 10 PM ET. AND 11 PM ET. And any of the other 50 times Comedy Central will run it this week.


Gyuss Baaltar said...'s so...genius. I hate you Daniel, so very very much

Anonymous said...

This is cool. Especially that Mark Hamill is hosting the Roast. Is he also voicing the Joker when the Clown Prince is speaking?

Can anyone tell me where I can find air dates? I was at the "Comedy Central" website, but couldn't find it mentioned in their TV schedule.

Drew said...

There's been a class action lawsuit by the Joker's victims to cancel future airings; either that or compel all proceeds from the DVD sale to go to charities in Gotham City. It goes before the judge in GC's municipal court in November.

Reportedly, the Joker was not amused. "...killjoys," he was heard to mumble, before shooting a random henchman in a fit of pique.

Anonymous said...

Is this legit? Because I've never seen less information about a roast in my life.

The Editors said...


Are the Articles real?
Depends on what medication you’re taking. If you’ve got good meds? Nope.

Are the Interviews real?
Yes. The authors, creators and artists featured have been kind enough to play along with our madness. Bless them every one.

When can I watch the Joker Roast on Comedy Central?
Whenever you chose to let imagination take you there...We saw it yesterday!