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Sep 28, 2007

HIT THE DECKS! The Card Soldiers Save BPD!

Part of Seeing Redd Week


After missing Network TV's entire premiere week (yes, sadly, Heroes too) BPD reached the breaking point. We started suffering symptoms of pop culture withdrawal, which included scrambling for back issues of PEOPLE, US and OK! (okaaay) After all, the only programs and activities Redd—Queen of all BPD, wicked be her name, long may the blood red flag fly to her glory, et cetera, et cetera— would approve meant having to choose between being in the audience for The View or a victim of that unfortunate Joker Roast.

Our spirits were not high. Morale was not good.

Just when all hope was lost, Card Soldiers led by Generals Doppelganger and Bibwit came to our rescue. Talk about cinematic! But, um, we're not sure why the Twining Generals kept screaming "This is Sparta!" (It's not, you know. It's northwest D.C.)

The staff is on the road to recovery but is forced to watch Best Week Ever to catch up on what we missed.

Star-photographer Stephan Martiniere caught these amazing shots of the rescuing army. Imagine hiding under your desk and having one of these guys run in, toss you over their shoulder and carry you to safety.

Big Thanks to Frank Beddor, Bo Liebman, Nate Barlow and Automatic Pictures for sending in the troops.

signed Kat, Drew and Sherin

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