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Sep 14, 2007

The Devil You Know or Look Y'all We Famous!

BPD WORLD HQ - Things have gotten mad hectic around these parts. Not only are we dodging the floating trans-dimensional riffs plaguing our offices but: Drew's writing his first novel while editing an OGN, I'm editing several novels—amongst other projects *heh heh heh*, Kat is muse to a popular illustrator with an upcoming DKNY line (shhhh!), Martin is protecting superheroes from Secret Identity Theft, Big Mike has started a love thang with Justin Timberlake, Devon is off to Capri with Halle, Rosario and Charlize (damn that boy is good!), Brandon! is being sued by Mike Carey for Skrull accusations, Ulie is off world consulting the GL Corps on efficiency aka laying the smackdown on the Sinestro Corps, and the go*d@~m Jon Hex is busy being a bigger bad ass than Dashiell Bad Horse.

What does all this mean? We may fall a bit behind schedule from time to time. But, we'd rather bring you great, imaginative stories than rushed meanderings.

In the meantime get to know the devil
. No, no, no, I mean check out The Devil You Know, Vicious Circle and Dead Men's Boots from the Felix Castor Series by Mike Carey.

How 'bout that swank t-shirt Mike is rocking. Look Ma! We Famous!


katbitt said...

I love your choice in wardrobe Mike!

Drew said...

Mike is the best.