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Aug 24, 2007

Alternate Universe Evil Duplicates Not As Tough

GENEVA, (BPD) - Scientists attending the World Scientific Conference on Interdimensional Theory and Mechanics presented results of a study that has determined that Alternate Universe Evil Duplicates are not as tough as their good counterparts. The study, which included anti-matter universes as well as alternate dimensions, was conducted jointly by S.T.A.R Labs, Lexcorp, Stark Enterprises, Roxxon Corporation and international experts in temporal theory and interdimensional engineering.

"For many years, the prevailing theory has been that the evil duplicates were much stronger and had greater endurance and resistance to pain but that isn't really the case," says Dr. Wolfgang Von Slagg. "Our studies indicate that the evil duplicates are merely perceived as being tougher."

His colleagues are in agreement.

"As the evil duplicates will frequently dress more provocatively with scars or other deliberate body markings or piercings this leads the casual observer to conclude a certain level of toughness and potential belligerence," says Professor Lu Chen of S.T.A.R Labs. "When you add the factor of the evil duplicates tendencies towards ruthlessness in contrast to the more thoughtful actions of their counterparts the perception becomes even greater."

The findings of the study further indicate that it is actually the good counterparts who exhibit the greater endurance, tenacity and mental discipline that tend to define true toughness. Heroes who participated indicated overwhelming that when forcibly confronted the evil duplicates inevitably crumbled in the face of a heavy onslaught. The research validates the time honored convention of good ultimately being stronger than evil.

IMAGES: Cover to green lantern #12 by Simone Bianchi and Promotional cover art for Marvel Team-Up#22, by Phil Hester.

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