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Aug 20, 2007

Ask the Question!

You asked for it, you got it! Time for everyone's favorite faceless investigator to answer your queries. Let's open the mailbag and go to... The Question!

Thank you, Mr. Sage.

In further questioning, are any major superheroes really Skrulls, and, if so, can can this best be manipulated to the advantage of all mankind?

A less concerned citizen.

Dear Less Concerned-

Read the current issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED. Skrulls and Dire Wraiths are not the only threat lurking among us. I dealt with a Durlan incursion just recently.

As for whether any major superheroes or villains are truly Skrulls... keep a careful eye on former Avengers and members of the Detroit-era Justice League. BPD will report any known infiltrations as well--see a recent article on the Skull Kill Krew for more.

Can this be manipulated to mankind's advantage? Definitely. There are six ways to take immediate advantage of an alien presence on our planet; however, only two of them are beneficial to mankind in general. The other four benefit the Illuminati and their myriad puppets; I leave it to you to determine who these vermin might be.

Be watchful, citizen... and turn off your light when you go to sleep. It's interfering with my listening device.


Hmm...I always thought the Latin was "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes." Perhaps a plot to retroactively alter Latin into a bastardized form and thus rob the modern world of its power. Obvious, in hindsight
The Inquiry

You are correct, that is the actual Latin quote. Mr. 9 is deliberately being sloppy. Consider the ramifications of imperfect Latin translations--law and medicine are built upon foundations of Latin terminology. If the infection is allowed to spread, the memetic framework of our civilization is in danger. Mr. 9 knows this; in fact, he is counting on it.

Kudos to you, Inquiry, for keeping all of us on the right course. And your theory is intriguing. Suggest you follow up with investigation of proximate Illuminati cells nearest your location. You know the ones I mean. ( I sense an Illuminati theme this week. Must remember to investigate.)


Dear Question,

On my latest algebra test, I had to solve A^2 + 8 = 12. Inspired by you, my answer was "A is A!" My teacher sent me to the principal's office. How do I convince them?



Dear Algebrainless,

Some truths are simply too powerful for lesser minds to comprehend. You have achieved enlightenment--your burden is that others have not achieved this exalted state. Your path is to bring others to your level.

Getting a C in Algebra may be the stone in your shoe along this path.

Give them the answer they want, for now. Learn their answers so you can parrot them back when you need to do so. This will help develop your ability to distinguish between appearance and reality. When you have mastered their mundane world-view, you will be ready to seek the answers that really matter.

Which is when life becomes truly interesting.

And that's all the time we have this week. Have a question for The Question? Comment below! You'll definitely get an answer of some kind...

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Sage(?)
What is going on with the weekly world news closing down?

I am worried some goverment conspiracy closed down one of the last honest news sources.

Can you provide details?

Anonymous said...

Am investigating. Expect news soon.