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Aug 6, 2007

Rhino Charges Midtown, Nobody Cares

Heroes Say "Other Things to Worry About"

NEW YORK - What if you threw a rampage and nobody came?

That's the dilemma faced by the Rhino, longtime Spider-Man and Hulk foe, who charged down Broadway following a jewelry store burglary yesterday-- only to find no superheroes in hot pursuit. Instead, he was intercepted five times by NYPD SWAT teams. They brought down the massive villain with a heavy salvo of depleted uranium ammunition, knockout gas and tasers charged with enough juice to light up Times Square.

"What gives?" the Rhino demanded, as he was trussed up in power-dampening manacles and led into an armored detention transport (ADT). "Nobody wants to fight? C'mon, back in the day, I'd've had Spider-Man, the Avengers AND the Fantastic Four on my butt in no time flat!" He hung his head. "Is it... is it me? Something I did? I... I think I wanna talk to my shrink."

"Rhino was a good test of our supervillain response protocol," said Deputy Assistant Police Chief Brock Schmedly. "He's big, strong and takes a helluva pounding to bring down. Our guys are feelin' pretty good about themselves right now. Even the dozen guys in the hospital are grinning."

Asked for comments, New York's heroes were apologetic but noncommittal.

"We're still sorting ourselves out after this big Superpowers Registration Act smash-up and then the whole World War Hulk mess," said Sentinel, one of the current Avengers. "We get to these supervillains as we can but once in awhile, somebody slips through the cracks. Guess it was Rhino's turn."

"Nobody wants to see us miss a bad guy," said Tony Stark (Iron Man), leader of the Avengers and current director of SHIELD. "Even the Rhino causes a lot of property damage. There may be some temporary disarray but I promise, the new efficiency and order we're bringing to our superhuman response elements--the Initiative--will amaze everyone."

Other supervillains wondered if, like Rhino, there might come a day when they'd commit a crime and the heroes just wouldn't care.

"I can't see that happening to me, really, but I guess it could," said the Penguin. "Batman hasn't been beating me down the way he used to."

"There used to be a time when I'd have the city on its knees," said Metallo. "Now I'm lucky if I get a... well, I guess you can't print words like that in a newspaper."
Rhino art by Khari Evans, copyright Marvel Comics


Anonymous said...

Coulda sworn the punisher had killed the Rhino. The afterlife's security dept. is getting lax.

Drew said...

You can't keep a good horn-headed guy down.