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Aug 18, 2007

UPDATE: Newbie Monday and The BPD GUEST SHOT Contest!

BPD WORLD HQ - Continuing our commitment to bringing you ‘the new hotness’ we're happy to present Newbie Monday, showcasing two fine Meta-Journalists who are taking their first shot at writing for us. Please welcome James Rambo and Roberto Ortiz!

Now you may be thinking, "Hey! What makes THEM so great? I can cover superheroes too!" Well, by all means:

Starting today and ending Thursday, August 23rd we'll be opening The BPD mailbag up to submissions. Send us your best shot at writing a Bugle’s Planet style post. We'll choose the top two and post them on the site on Wednesday, August 29th.

We forgot to mention that the #1 entry will win an Atomic Bugle T-Shirt or, if you'd prefer, a Soul Punch! tee. Hey ladies, the new Atomic Power Girl tee is also up for grabs. We don't know how we missed that.

We'll also post a list of "honorable mentions" and may present a second round on the following Friday if the submissions are just that good.

Email your submissions to us at Make sure the subject line reads “BPD GUEST SHOT”

Submission are limited to one (1) per person and must be in the BPD mailbox no later than 11:59 PM on Thursday, August 23rd.

Submissions should be no longer than 500 words, have a title; include your name, a 2-3 sentence bio, one link you’d like included (we’ll even post your picture or avatar if you’d like); and must adhere to the following:

1. Keep the posts relevant to: comics (not just DC or Marvel but the whole gamut), sci-fi and fantasy novels, comic related or style TV shows/movies--anything that relates to comics is fair game
2. Have fun and make it funny!
3. Treat events and characters as though they are real
4. Think "news item" for the most part—journalism style "FABLETOWN - Bigby Wolf..."
5. Don’t beat down any particular character, book, company, creator, editor, publisher, retailer... and so on—stay light, funny or illuminating. Don’t drink the Hater-ade!
6. No real obscenity or ‘adult content’ -- think "PG-13."
7. Real world events can be referred to as television shows, books or movies.

Rights And Ownership
All submissions become the property of Bugle’s Planet Daily. We are not responsible for any resemblance a submission may bear to future BPD posts. So please don't think we're ripping you off if one of our writers riffs on the same subject. We wouldn't do that. Perhaps you are drawing from the same well of creativity. Plus we value you as a reader and wouldn't want to loose you.

We’re excited to see what you’ve got. Blow minds, sizzle retinas!

Sherin and Drew (your friendly neighborhood BPD-meisters)

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