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Aug 22, 2007

PLACES: BPD's Travel Guide Pt 2

Visit Beautiful Zenn-La!

ZENN-LA – A quiet and pastoral planet conveniently located in the Microverse (not to be confused with the Nanoverse), Zenn-La is a paradise for spa enthusiasts and those who really want to get away from it all! Blessed with a temperate climate and low-tech, peaceful culture, the natives of Zenn-La are so welcoming, you’ll feel like part of the family in no time.

The planet is ruled by Revka Temerlune*, a sovereign who has the hearts of his people firmly in his hand. He has ruled Zenn-La for millennia, guiding the populace with wisdom and compassion before Terran humanity discovered fire. You might expect that he is a distant figure but nothing could be further from the truth; in fact, personal audiences with him can be booked now through your travel agent!

His chief ‘searcher’ and Zenn-La’s foremost pitchman, Norrin Radd, explains: “Our ruler commands only the happiness of his people. It is a gentle place to live, with no crime, no disruption, no dissent against the cheer and good nature that each and every Zenn-Laan enjoys from cradle to grave. We daily give thanks to our leader for his benevolence, his guidance and his certainty that he knows what is best for every citizen of Zenn-La.”

Visitors to Zenn-La will enjoy the relaxing and quiet lifestyle, offering the opportunity to wash away all of one’s cares. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the past becomes unimportant. Taking part in native ceremonies adds to the sensation that you are not only a welcome arrival—you are part of Zenn-La.

Places of interest on Zenn-La include a statue dedicated to Norrin Radd and the Royal Palace. There are also extensive farmlands and villages, using quaint, old-fashioned farming technologies that our 18th century ancestors would find familiar. Although there are machines on Zenn-La of indescribable antiquity, viewing them is strictly prohibited… if one can even find them, that is.

So come to scenic, peaceful Zenn-La and forget all your worries! In a few hours, you’ll feel like you’ve lived here your whole life… and you’ll never want to leave.

BPD is proud to declare Zenn-La our DESTINATION OF THE WEEK!

For more information, contact SilverTours at 1-800-555-ZNLA.

Next Time: ...we're keeping that our little secret for now

PS, a note for all you high-tech gadgeteers and mutants: psi-blocking devices and powers are illegal on Zenn-La

A special thanks to Marvel News senior foreign correspondent Mike Carey, whose personal guided tour of Zenn-La has been unexpectedly extended. Have fun on vacation, Mike! Mike's last account of his sojourn to Zenn-La, in ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #45, is on sale today! And if you see him in Zenn-La, tell him BPD says hi and we'll check in on or around Waking Day.

*Our article originally gave His Majesty's named incorrectly spelled; we're correcting this error and apologize to His Majesty

Artwork copyright Marvel Comics, all rights reserved


Mike Carey said...

The king loves me.

Bless the king.

Bless the Silver Searcher.

Hello birds. Hello sky. Hello trees.

Drew said...

That's a spiffy new blue robe you have there, Mike...