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Scott Pilgrim sought and found

Aug 1, 2007

Ask the Question!

It's time for another installment of ASK THE QUESTION! Let's dive into this week's mailbag...

Dear Question,

My recently deceased father left me a large trust in his will with the corollary that I use the fund to the "benefit of mankind." After much consideration, I've decided I would like to develop a superhero team led by Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman. Do you have her contact information, by chance?


Yes, I do. The information has been left in a secure location, to which you have the key. That should be enough of a clue. (I am intrigued that you are aware of her secret identity, btw. This may warrant further investigation. If anything happens to the lady in question, I'll know where to start investigating.)

Being a benefactor to a team of extralegal operatives carries considerable liabilities--but my investigation suggests you have some assets that go beyond the merely financial. Your meetings last week with a certain "recruiter" piqued my interest, as did a certain classified ad placed in a local weekly newspaper. You know the one that I mean.

There are currently four individuals keeping watch on your home address. Two of them are law enforcement agents, two are not. Your phone is not tapped... yet. Exercise caution.

I recently learned that my recitation of a word, multiple times, caused an evil force to torture one of my best friends. I killed the bastard, but now she barely speaks to me and I think she's started messing around with my best friend. What can I do?
signed, Broomstick Thunder

Learn other words. Such as "confession." I hear it's good for the soul. And the one that you killed...? Don't be so sure--sources suggest it's not as clear-cut as you seem to believe. BTW, she is.


haha you have no face! i ated the purple berries and my cats breath smells like cat food. mine tastes like glue. my name is in a movie!!!
-Ralph Wiggum

We are all in a movie, Ralph. But who is watching?

A bit of friendly advice--stop playing with your daddy's gun. Maggie has much better aim than you do.


Yo, Q,

Since you are absurdly obliged to answer the questions posted here, riddle me this: WHO IS THE QUESTION? And WHEN DID YOU HAVE A SEX CHANGE OPERATION? Dude, I thought you were a woman now.
-Green Durby

I am The Question... but what is the answer? All questions are a choice. What do you choose by asking... and what do you choose to do with the answer?

Pursue this existential line of thought and you may end up with more Questions than you know how to handle. But seeking is itself an answer. Consider this: neither knowledge nor truth nor wisdom in themselves are power--but without them, power is meaningless.

As to the second half of the above--do you think the picture above is necessarily me? Perhaps and perhaps not. The Question is... would you know me if you saw me? I might be sitting right next to you at Starbucks as you read this blog on your laptop.

The vente latte was a good choice, though I prefer chai.


Do YOU have something to "Ask The Question"? Send in your queries by posting a comment! We can't guarantee the Question will reply, um, as you might prefer, but... what do you have to lose?

Question artwork copyright DC Comics, all rights reserved


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Sage?

I have recently noticed that people are acting odd in my location. Are they skrulls, or possibly Dire Wraiths?
If so, is it legal to kill them and display their skulls above my mantle as a warning to the others

A concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

Dear Concerned,
Your Question has been noted.
Keep an eye on this space for a response.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

Dear Question,
my local comic shop keeps trying to force me to read something called "that awesome Scott Pilgrim book"

What are they trying to brainwash me with?

Anonymous said...

Hey Question,
What's the story with you and Huntress? Or should I ask Big Mike instead?