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Aug 27, 2007

Tarik Andre, Remembered

Today the Bugle's Planet remembers Tarik Andre, who loved comics, anime, martial arts and Van Gogh—even more than his big sister. This is a celebration of what would have been his 26th birthday. I would have forgotten and called late and sung horribly; and he still would've thought I was great. But no. He was the amazing one.

This blog would've made him so proud. He'd have known exactly how to make it better and made you all laugh at exactly the moment you expected not to. (Tarik's sense of humor was omega-level)

Recently, I found one of his comics—bagged and boarded of course—and began to reminiscence on how our mother introduced us to Milestone and that Icon was his favorite. He also loved Spider-Man and the X-Men.

I guess you'd say I'm a DC and he was a MARVEL. He was truly a marvel.

So if you're missing someone this morning I ask you to share one their stories here—especially if they loved comics like we do. This way we'll build havens from joyful memories and smile through the veil. If you think you could tell.*

For my baby brother: "Dream on. Dream on. Dream until your dreams come true. Happy Birthday Tee!"

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Mike Carey said...

My sister Pauline died some years back now of liver failure. She didn't read comics herself but she bought me some of the first I ever read, including a JLA/JSA crossover that had Solomon Grundy on the cover. She was five years older than me, and she pretty much had all the superpowers there were, as far as I was concerned. And I remember when she went to Summer camp, back when I was five years old, comics were what my mum and dad bought me to keep me from crying...

Drew said...

I don't know what my dad would have made of my career-- he passed away when I was 23, long before I was "making something of myself." That was nearly 20 years ago. He died from colon cancer that went to his liver, caught far too late to do any good.

He bought me comics from time to time and probably thought it was a harmless pastime for a kid. I like to think he'd be proud of how I turned out.

I know I miss him every day.

katbitt said...

My grandma had 9 children and raised them by herself after my grandpa died in WWII. Though she never went past highschool, she put all of them through college. Now 8 are in the medical field and 1 is in the military.

She tried her best when she was alive to keep peace within her family, but that died shortly after she did.

She was never into comics, but when I think of heroic characters I think of her.