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Aug 31, 2007

Gen13 & Evil Ernie... Connected?

The Maiden and the Monster!

BPD WORLD HQ - One is tall, redheaded and voluptuous, with muscles strong enough to shatter bricks. The other is scrawny, with shaggy black hair, a maniacal grin and a torn-open belly full of magic green bile. Oh, and he's undead to boot.

Heroine and villain, they couldn't have less in common. And yet--could it be they're related?

It appears to be true.

BPD has learned that Caitlin Fairchild (of teen supergroup Gen13) and Ernest "Evil Ernie" Fairchild (undead homicidal maniac and purveyor of "Mega-Death" on behalf of Lady Death) are cousins!

"I remember him," Caitlin admitted during a recent interview with WildStorm World News. "We visited his family when I was little-- I was probably nine and he would've been, oh, ten or eleven. He was kind of quiet, and his room had lots of religious stuff in it, probably 'cause his dad was a minister. That's the only time we ever saw them. I heard he got into some trouble back in New Jersey but I've been kind of busy with stuff on my own, you know? Lots of stuff. Continuity problems you wouldn't believe."

Chaos!, the underground prozine which has followed Evil Ernie and his spectral benefactress, had no statement for BPD and didn't return our calls. After the collapse of "Mega-Death" and Ernie's subsequent escape into hiding, Chaos! temporarily severed all ties with the undead mass murderer, though there are informal reports that the magazine may once again chronicle his doings.

BPD will stay on this story as it develops.

Gen13 artwork copyright DC/WildStorm; Evil Ernie artwork copyright Devil's Due. All rights reserved.

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