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Jul 16, 2007

BPD: Greatest Hits?

It's gut-check time. The Bugle's Planet Daily wants to know which quotes are your favorites.

What? No we're not lazy. Huh? Nah uh! Well...c'mon and help us out anyway...Please?
Multiple Choices Enabled

Wonder Woman: "Save sanity, Save the world"

The Joker: ...I threaten her with a blowtorch and Jokerfish...she threatens me with a howitzer and a nitroglycerin-filled boxing glove

The Chipster suddenly remembered he could be elsewhere putting his "bros" before his "hoes."

Re Wolverine: If it's not your perennial slap fight partner Sabretooth making you look silly, you're getting chumped out by your own son, Daken.

...Batman sponsors a little league team, Superman is as feared by citizens as he is by criminals and Green Arrow is celibate. Brave new world, indeed.

Namor on comparisons to Black Adam: "The difference is in the bearing...I display better form whilst hovering above my lessers."

Red Arrow: "Haven't you been reading our comic? We don't fight villains."

Lex Luthor: “I am indeed a black man...Take note of the baldhead, incredible physique, broad shoulders and full lips. What else would I be?”

Regarding Mr Fantastic: XXX film producers...have dreamt of the myriad possibilities presented by his unique power to stretch his body.

Mephisto: "What's next, God forecloses on my corner of Hell?"

Catman: "You haven't seen good TV until you've watched a 300lb lioness run down a chunky kid from Detroit."

Big Mike: "Are all my fans pansies?"

Re A Cap Sighting: "Maggie Davis asked him if he wasn't dead, which I thought was real rude of her,"

Vice President Dick Cheney: "Uunghhh..."

Emma Frost (a name as reputable in the business world as it is in fashion circles – that is to say, roughly bottom of the barrel)

Johnny Storm: "“What? No! No...They got it wrong. The ‘Flame On!’ comes from my power. I’m a flamer.”

Namor: "The world may think that being stretchy and limp is a superpower, but that's because they haven't talked to the man's wife."

The Dark Knight Regarding All Star Batman and Robin: "B--ch says I f-----g swear at motherlovin' kids,”

Spiderman: "I liked it, except for when I got turned into a vampire,"

It's Not Incest. It's Italian!
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