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Jul 23, 2007

Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Mike Carey, Stardust and Some Guy Named Bailey

BPD HEADQUARTERS - It's been a really good couple of weeks for BPD. First off, we'll be presenting a two part Mike Carey interview this week. Thanks to our tireless reporting Mike actually admits all the folks he writes about are real. Goodbye tabloid status!

You don't believe us do you? Honest. Check out these comments on Mike's very own blog for validation. Go ahead, page 3, second comment... We've been doing the happy dance-conga line all around the office.

In case you're wondering; Mike Carey is one of those truly great people you meet and have to tell everyone about. Thanks Mike!

Look for our interview hi-jinks on Wednesday and Friday.

Secondly, a few of us went to a screening of Stardust last Thursday. (Many thanks to Brent and Nexus Society) We had the pleasure of taking our good friend Matt Bailey, of The Truth Is Out Where?, along. Next thing you know Bailey had written this snazzy little review. Badda Bing Badda Boom Neil Gaiman links to it from his online journal! To paraphrase Prince: jealousy's too weak to define just what that means to me.

Now where'd I put Doc Sampson's business card? Ahhh, got it. See ya!


M. Bailey said...

Thanks for the mention, thanks for the invitation to the screening, and I love the site!

Drew said...

Glad to see you here!