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Jul 16, 2007

Power Girl Disproves Doubters, Actually Can Cross Arms

"C'mon," Says Blogger, "Weren't You Wondering a Little?"

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA HQ - Power Girl showed doubters and naysayers that, absolutely and without question, she is capable of folding her arms across her chest. This followed a punishing cyber-campaign that openly doubted whether the busty superheroine was, in fact, capable of such a feat.

"I know they're the subject of jokes," she said, "but I've gotten used to being well-endowed. If crossing my arms will shut up some of the nastier elements in cyberspace and give the JSA webmaster a break from spam, well, I can do that much." Heard muttering under her breath a moment later, she said, "You think Superman ever has to deal with this &#*@?"

"Never thought she'd actually do it, I mean, I'm totally ROFL!" crowed blogger SkeezyBoy7 ;], "The frackin' blogosophere rules all Superheroes and they will bend to our whims!" Asked if this wasn't a ridiculous use of the Internet, SkeezyBoy7 responded, "WTF!? you know you wanted to see this as much as I did! Now we turn our attention to Starfire and She-Hulk... ;D...Live long and prosper."

"I don't understand that mindset," Power Girl said later. "I mean, are these basement dwelling troglodytes really that fascinated by... ah, skip it. We all know the answer to that." She shook her head in evident disgust. "Pathetic."

SkeezyBoy7 had no further comment but the image has become one of the most-downloaded on the web. BPD has been informed by police that the subsequent trashing of his home, beginning with a cement truck falling on it, was purely coincidental.

Power Girl artwork by Alex Ross and Michael Turner, copyright DC Comics, all rights reserved


Gyuss Baaltar said...

ah, that brings back memories of the John Byrne run on FF. Shulkie with a staple in her navel! Gawd bless the papprazzi!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I remember that issue very well... and am lucky to have five pieces of Byrne's She-Hulk art!
best, DB