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Jul 27, 2007

Mike Carey Interview Part 2: The Sequel (This Time It's Personal)

BPD WORLD HQ - Part 2 of our exciting interview with preeminent journalist for Marvel News and the Supernatural Realms, Mike Carey. Present at this great event were: Mike (of course), Drew, Sherin and respective counsel for each party, Matt Murdock and Brandon Aiko.

NOTE: Mr. Carey expressed a concern that his 5th amendment rights not be impinged upon and insisted Mr. Murdock be involved. We, for our part, had more 'metamorphic' concerns. Identity issues, one might say.

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BPD: You've recently seen the release of the first of a series of 'biofics' here in the States, the 'unauthorized autobiography' (part one) of exorcist Felix Castor AKA The Devil You Know. How much of Castor's story were you allowed to use and how much was, um, "enhanced" for the book?

The real Felix Castor runs a chip shop in Walworth. But he’s a
mate of Constantine’s, and after the movie and everything Constantine had a lot of friends in Hollywood. Keanu winked and tapped his nose. Deals were made. Money changed hands. This is a sordid business. How much of Castor’s story is real? He really has a sign that says ERADICATIONS. I think he got it from a pest control company because it’s also got a cartoon cockroach on it. The rest is all bollocks.

BPD: What's been happening with Castor lately? BPD hears that London is buzzing with supernatural badness these days.

It is a bit much, to be honest. You can’t spit without hitting a zombie. On the plus side, if you’re looking for some action with the sisters of Baphomet you don’t have to look very far.

Are there such things as Skrull ghosts? Can they look like other ghosts? [Drew and Sherin wrestle for control of the microphone. Brandon awaits an answer with bated breath]

This guy here? He’s my legal counsel. You’re harassing me now. This is harassment.

BPD: You also cover a variety of supernaturally powered young women, under titles like: My Faith in Frankie, Crossing Midnight and Faker. What made the subjects of these pieces reveal their stories to you in such candid and delightful ways?

I put a lot of work into those assignments, and I’m kind of proud of the results. Basically I went undercover, disguised myself as a teenaged girl and went back to high school for several semesters. I won’t say it wasn’t tough – particularly the netball games and the home economics lessons – but the results were well worth it. Jessie Kidby was a harder nut to crack, though. I had to give her money.

BPD: We imagine working the supernatural and superhero beats can get to be stressful at times. Taking a break from the "super" for awhile, you're also publishing "slice of life" pieces such as 'Re-Gifters' and 'Confessions Of A Blabbermouth' (with daughter and author in her own right Louise)—What's it like switching between super-street beats and human interest stories?

Human interest stuff is a little problematic because I’m not actually all that interested in humans. Even now, talking to you guys, I’m practically dozing off.
I was lied to on the Re-Gifters stuff. Someone told me there’d be magic involved. A cursed party favor at the very least.

BPD: We've heard tell you, Castor and Constantine get together for an, infamous, drink night once a year. When? Where? And how much fun is that!?! Who wins at mah-jongg? Who cheats?

I’ll tell you who pays for all the drinks, anyway.

On second thoughts, guess.

Constantine is a dangerous man to be around when he’s in his cups. He turned me into a newt once.

I got better.

BPD: What's next for the twin stars of Midnight Crossing, Kai and Toshi? Give us all the dirt, please?

Who knows? I don’t speak a lot of Japanese, and my phrase book was published in Norway, so I’m only about fifty per cent sure that I’ve got the story right so far. That guy Aratsu? He could be a cutlery salesman. And the line about him cutting away Toshi’s past and future may have been a mistranslation. He might have said “I’m giving you layers here to bring out the natural bounce.”

BPD: Lastly, what else is coming up for Mike Carey? The Pulitzer, or the Stan Lee Award for Distinguished Reporting?

I’m happy if I’m just getting paid. And not having my internal organs breakfasted on.

Us too Mike. Us too.

Visit Mike's blog for more (and validation this is a real interview) at

And you can find his first Felix Castor novel here. Or if you're really anxious, and filthy rich, and/or British, visit and get them all!

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