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Jul 11, 2007

Fallopian Fortitude! Wonder Woman Arrested—(Update)

MANHATTAN - Early this morning, in yet another violently heroic effort: Wonder Woman flicked off and gut-punched Paris Hilton. Having stood all she could stand the Amazon Princess was heard murmuring "Save sanity, Save the world," before opening Paris up like a boom tube to Apokolips.

"That's hot," uttered the vapid blonde before disappearing in a blaze of white (It is speculated she was referring to a sudden expulsion of stomach acid.)

Hilton publicist, Elliot Mintz, claims his client will be available for interviews upon returning from the middle of next week. If that proves impossible, waiting for the world to catch up has ever been her burden.

When the smoke cleared Wonder Woman was taken into custody by a disappointed NYPD. "We thought Miss Woman was gonna go all Maxwell Lord on P.Hil," sighed Officer Scottie Flanders. "It's just criminal not to have finished the job."

Always the superhero WW may have actually saved Hilton's life. It seems an infamous bystander had designs on a more permanent solution to her prevalence, but, after witnessing this morning's Smackdown he had only this reaction:


Walking through Destinys Garden said...

Fallopian Fortitude....if only warren ellis had thought of defiantly on the level of attack womb..if only Transmetropolitan was still being published

10 points for awesomeness
-2 for not being warren ellis

Mrs. B. said...

Save Sanity. Save the world. Like my favorite cheerleader, P. Hil will no, go quietly into the night. She'll be back, but at least it got a laugh out of Joker ;)