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Jul 13, 2007

Slugfest in the BPD Offices!

Today is Not Our Day, Laments Publisher Sherin

BPD WORLD HQ - Ask most people and they'll tell you that Friday the 13th isn't really THAT unlucky a day.

They don't work for the BPD.

As this goes online, Superman and Black Adam are duking it out in our offices. Seems that our reporters scheduled interviews with the two powerhouses at the same time. Unhappily, these two have clashed often and hard lately, so there was barely time for a shouted "everybody down!" before they started throwing hypersonic fists into jaws harder than titanium.

This is really bad. We're... oh no, there goes a server! Expect outages as we... jumpin' Christmas, I'm WORKING HERE! Injury due to heat vision and lightning bolts is NOT part of my insurance package! I'm... I'm getting outta here.

If we have an office this afternoon, folks, expect to see an update.
Action Comics #831 artwork is copyright DC Comics, all rights reserved

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