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Jun 6, 2007

Frat Boy Shocked They Still Make Comics

THE WORLD - Yesterday, local frat boy, Chad "The Chipster" Harrington stumbled into a comic book store while on a hunt for a gag gift for one of his "bros."

"I was looking for a gift for one of my bros. He said something about wanting to be Superman for Halloween so, I had this really cool idea where he could wear glasses and a suit with the Superman t-shirt underneath, like he's Superman or something."

While walking through the store, "The Chipster" kept finding bits of folded colored paper, some featuring Superman. With an incredulous look, he held up one, asking, "Yo, what's this?"

The manager on duty proclaimed, "It's a comic book. It's where those movies and TV shows like "Spider-Man 3" and "Heroes" come from."

Harrington, stunned by the revelation, asked the burning question on everyone one's lips: "They still make those?!?"

The Chipster went on to explain that he used to have a "whole bunch" of comics when he was a kid but lost them when his family's basement got flooded.

The store manager, instead of taking the opportunity to show The Chipster trade paperbacks featuring his childhood faves, chose instead to try and explain the intricacies of The "616" Universe. The Chipster's eyes glazed over a bit and at times, he seemed genuinely interested up until he heard his bro, Kip "The Kipster" Pennington, blow his carhorn, playing Smashmouth's hit song, "All-Star." The Chipster suddenly remembered he could be elsewhere putting his "bros" before his "hoes."

The Chipster left the comic store without a comic book and all he got was a lousy t-shirt.

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