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Jun 5, 2007

Electro: “This Costume Makes Me Look Like a Jackass!”

NEW YORK CITY - Maxwell Dillon, aka "Electro," was overheard complaining about his costume's aesthetic deficiencies after his most recent arrest, for shorting out part of NYC's Midtown electrical grid. Wrapped in rubber padding, following a fight with Iron Man, Dillon was bitter about his string of defeats but took a moment out to discuss his questionable taste in costumes.

"Bad enough I get beat-down by Spider-Man or some other costumed jerk if I show my face... but this costume-- what was I thinking? It makes me look like six feet of green and yellow ass! I can't even go through a regular door with these idiotic electro-spike things sticking out of my head. Honest, some days I really wonder why fate gave me the ability to shoot lightning."

Urged to reconsider his life of crime, if not his taste in costuming, Dillon said, "I'm gonna rethink this whole thing. Maybe I ought to try again with a new codename, y'know? I was thinking 'Captain Lightning' or something like that. Heck, a couple of us Sinister Six guys went legit for awhile, maybe I'll give it a spin too."

In the meantime, the high-voltage villain will be insulated on The Raft, awaiting trial and (God willing) a good costume designer.
Electro artwork by David Finch, all rights Marvel Comics

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